Tuesday • July 22, 2014

Come check out our Summer Shoe Sale– 20% OFF!!

shoe collage

There is nothing better than a great, NEW pair of shoes! We all just have to have them, whether we actually need them or not, it is mandatory to buy them. It’s part of our nature, it’s what we love.. it could quite possibly be an addiction.  Storing them in the closet, in your spare bedroom closest, in your bathroom closet, in your newborns room, in storage bins, in the attic, in the basement, sharing them with your daughters & friends to justify buying more and needing more, what is a greater feeling than a great, NEW pair of shoes?!

Come shop our shoe collection at Wink, starring; Seychelles, BC Shoes, Lucky Brand, Sheridan Mia & Splendid!

We also have a selection of sale shoes that are $25-$40!!

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By the way; best closest ever & the greatest, most memorable shoe display…EVER! Watch now!
:Hint Hint: *SATC*