Jewel Me!

Tuesday • July 8, 2014


Don’t miss out on what we have, come check out our great jewelry selection!!

What do women love that always pulls together an outfit? JEWELRY!

Ask any Wink chick, we LOVE us some jewelry! We always have our necklaces displayed to compliment all hanging garments, whether they’re out on the rack, in the window or on a mannequin (or molly, as we like to call them).  We like to offer our customers the best look possible, from stones to gems to rhinestones, some gold, some silver, lots of color and variety to fit any style! We take pride in our jewelry and adore that our customers come in specifically looking for some killer pieces because they know we always carry them!
Our jewerly varies from hand-crafted pieces from NYC, to handmade finds by local artists right on LBI!
Wink has such a large assortment of jewelry; necklaces, earrings, bracelets and hair pieces, you are bound to find a piece to add to your collection to spice up any outfit.
Each piece of jewelry is personally picked out by the owner & buyer, Lindsay. Not only has she been doing this for over 10 years, but her sense of style is on point. She picks out our pieces thinking like our customers, their style, what they may need the jewelry for, what they would want to pair it with, she individually decides which amazing pieces each and every Wink shopper would love to find. She has great taste and wants her customers to feel beautiful, like every woman should, when they leave our store with any purchase. Jewelry purchases are always a bit more personal, and we want each customer to have that personal connection and love for the pieces they find at Wink.