Falling in love with Fall

Tuesday • July 29, 2014

FALL in love <3

I know it is still summer and just about the month of August, but we’re receiving fall merchandise daily! Our wonderful summer clothes are beginning to go on sale, including a 60% off rack outside, along with 10% off summer & 20% off shoes and select summer items! But what is there to not love about fall… the pumpkin craze, fall festivals, apple & pumpkin picking, and most importantly, the fabulous fall clothes!! With layers and sweaters and boots, oh my!!

Us Wink ladies are fully loving our fall collections that are coming in daily. The trends this fall are so amazing, comfortable and bad-ass chic! There are a lot of military styles coming back into play this season, including jackets, pants and sweaters with leather and trim details with neutral colors. On top of the awesome military trend, is the biker trend, following suit with leather jackets, leather trims on tops & sweaters and dark coloring. Not only are these trends fun and comfortable, they are bad-ass chic!! Empowering women are conquering the world, there’s no greater feeling than feeling confident and rad!
There are so many fall trends we are consistantly seeing; leather, lace, sheer, prints (ie: plaids, tribal).  There are such fun details on the fall clothing, including jazzed up trims and delicate lace.  All these fall pieces are perfect for layering, from slips to sweaters to jackets, when fall comes around, we never know what type of weather to expect and the layers are a perfect way to prepare!

Here is a peek at some of our favorite falls pieces…


Take a look at our Facebook page for individual pictures of our new Fall arrivals!!
Dont forget; Summer merchandise is also on sale, come take a look and see what you can find!